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Travel safety when traveling to Afghanistan or Iraq things you may need.


Bullet Proof Vest: Get a Level IIIA vest with plates - they now make very light plates and vests are getting more comfortable. for vests  it can be   2 to 4 week waiting period If you come under attack from a gas attack, all you most likely will need is your gas mask - YOU HAVE 9 SECONDS. Bio Chem suits:

There are two kinds - fabric ones with coal on the inside. The advantage is that those dissipate heat and moisture better - and you'll be able to function in them. They also absorb any liquids so that you don't transfer them as easily onto other things through contact. Plastic ones take up less space - but the heat will kill you. You won't be able to function for long in 120ยบ weather. They're of course easier to rinse off though - but also subject to tear.

Sat Phone: You have only two or three options. At The Times we use a R-BGANs or Thrane & Thrane high-speed sat phones - they  send pix back faster than on a phone line - at $7/minute. Or you can avoid carrying another suitcase with you (for Thrane & Thrane - RBGans are the size of an Ibook - but has no voice capability) and go for a handheld Thuraya.

These phones bigger than cell phones - the units cost 1/5th the price of the Thranes and run at under $1/minute. What you gain in the smaller size you lose in transmission speed - 9600bps - or roughly 8-10 minutes per picture. You can't use these phones in the US hemisphere either -



Boots: Gore-Tex isn't good out there. And wearing military desert boots may not be the brightest idea either.

 Try the leather Rockports - there comfortable and do well in hot and cold weather - don't forget it gets  cold in the desert at night.

Don't forget to drink 5 liters of water a day - 2 liters on the field with you and siphon down the rest before and after. Coffee and Tea make you pee so they're not good for you in the desert.

Get your inoculations  and have proof of them in a little yellow booklet they give you. Some countries require an HIV test upon entry - and may chose not to honor previous test results. Goggles are very important- for the desert sand.

Compass and GPS.
Never hurts to know where you are - neither takes too much space.


  • Introduction to risk assessment,
  •  Mental preparation and trauma,   Emergency clothing and equipment, , 
  •  Emergency shelters, Mines and booby traps, , Urban and rural awareness/building security,
  •  Weapons and ballistics awareness,
  • Observation. Civil disturbances,  Emergency navigation,  Vehicle checkpoints/border crossings
    External practical scenarios
    Natural disasters
    Hostage abduction and enduring captivity
     Personal security and personal protection
  • Security awareness
    Vehicle security,
  • Traumatic stress training.
  • 4 wheel drive operation
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
    A challenging or hostile region can be unpredictable, so awareness is your first line of defense. We cover the essential factors that could impact you.

    Threat assessment
    What are the actual risks? Political, criminal, economic, terrorist.

    Culture and its impact
    The importance to your business of cultural and religious understanding