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Anti carjacking Training in Texas for corporate staff.

Master Hughes

Alpha corps provides specialized corporate travel security training, antiterrrorism training in anti carjacking to executive staff and those going overseas. Alpha corps provides specialized training for corporate employees traveling in hazardous areas. Our executive travel security training program is one of the best. We also provide trainng for corporate security awareness training , international security and business security.

We provide corporate security training in Houston and for international companies.

Alphacorps is the only Agency in the U.S providing a proprietary executive security training program.
Executive survival travelling dangerous environments
Corporate security solutions
Overseas security training
Anti-kidnapping for ransom training.
Protect staff from overseas hostage situations.
Executive security travel training.

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Here are some tips four your employees. Information

 like this is covered in the Anti carjacking class.

 There are many tricks here is some anti hijacking tips. 'The Fallen Number Plate' is where the carjackers will follow you until you park. They  unscrew the back number plate and wait until you drive off ,  the carjacker and his accomplice will overtake the victim , The victim pulls over to retrieve the plate. The carjacker's accomplice will then make off with your vehicle Never stop for someone in a foreign country.


Don't stop to assist a stranger whose vehicle has broken down. Assist instead by calling the Police to help

Other carjacking methods include.
The traffic bump
The fake accident
Inquiring directions scam.
The women in distress scene

Always drive with your vehicle doors locked.
Always have your windows rolled up. If you don't have air conditioning roll your window down but no more than a couple of inches.
When stopped in traffic, leave room to maneuver and escape.

 As a rule of thumb, if you can see the entire back wheel of vehicle in front of you, you have enough room to maneuver out.