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Combative skills


Anti kidnapping and hostage survival training  for Texas companies and those traveling overseas. Alphacorps provides training consultation and management of security programs.


  Do you need basic combative skills training for employees.

Texas companies now face the repercussions of the wars in Mexico  or maybe your employees are working in the Philippines or Thailand. 1 in 10 business trips will involve the staff member becoming involved in a difficult  or dangerous situation. There are very few companies like Alphacorps that can provide specialized training. look at our background Training background.  who you know counts call us.

 With new risks of kidnapping or attack,  Anti kidnapping or hostage training helps protect your employees and to mitigate liability and risk to employees.

 Whether its a travel security program or a executive security training for executive protection. We can train your staff  to  prepare response teams to mitigate physical and psychological damage of employees surviving a terrorist attack.

   Is your company looking for overseas Survival skills  for executives anti kidnapping or antiviolence training, or security training for executives or staff workers in South Texas or Mexico, or Nigeria.

Are you  trying to protect employees from kidnapping,  learn how to avoid urban kidnappings.  Interested in Anti carjacking training,  crisis training , risk management, anti kidnapping training for management or travel safety in Houston. Risk management, basic security safety, corporate security we handle safety security programs.




Alphacorps can provided   vehicle security courses, corporate safety and security management. Corporate travel safety training, Business travel safety training for overseas executives  or  Protecting corporate personnel. Interested in security management for humanitarian projects. Security training executives, Kidnapping survival training for executives,  travel security, personal safety security, executive travel risk management, basic security safety, corporate security, Houston, woodlands,   As an experienced highly trained expert, I have taken a large amount of specialized training. We also act as movie and production consultants for films