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Security and risk management training for Journalists.

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Do news reporters need our executive travel security training?

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, was photographed through hotel room doors after employees provided a peeping Tom with both her room numbers and accommodations in adjoining rooms.  We wont tell you the names of the hotels but it was a major chain.

 Reporters and their crews should be alert, but violence still can't always be prevented. Earlier this year, CBS News Correspondent Lara Logan was assaulted on the streets of Cairo, Egypt. A crew from KTXL in Sacramento also came under attack while covering mourners at a fatal shooting.

Predicting danger is nearly impossible for  reporters that are untrained in any security methods.






These cases should have TV crews and their managers thinking about safety. Getting the story may be important, but the risk of getting hurt or even killed  has to be addressed. 

An injury to a reporter can cost an agency 1 million dollars, far more than the cost of providing security training to the reporters.

Alphacorps has a specialized  Executive travel security training program for news reporters.

Our staff has an extended experience and specialized training.

Now we are providing  a special executive travel security training program for news reporters its   Executive travel security training just for news teams. Alphacorps is located in Houston Texas. we also have a facility in Jacksonville Texas.

We have over 20 years experience in providing training. The Training for  this course is Master Hughes Director  of Alphacorps.


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