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Travel safety Photographers and Journalists

For High risk travel and staying safe indie film crews, videographers photographers and journalists.



IN 2012the number of journalists killed was 119.

49 journalists killed in 2013

What did they have in common, many were photographers and videographers.

In Mexico, reporters and photographers are regularly kidnapped and killed by cartels to send messages to the papers they work for.

Seven journalists have been killed in Mexico in 2012, three of those in May, on World Press Freedom Day in Veracruz. Their bodies were "dumped together in plastic bags near a canal

What were doing to help "We produced "Travel safety for Photographers,  journalists videographers ."


Travel safety is a video meant for videographers journalists , indie film makers.  It was produced by Master Hughes a well recognized advocate and antiviolence expert. Master Hughes has taught ceo's from major companies. Your film company, movie production or tv production company could benefit from this training.

You may be a investigative reporter or journalists and need security training, or security training for videographers. You may be worried about travel safety in mexico, or philippines safety. The video has great safety rules and travel safety tips.

Travel security training for film crews and videographers is a must.


What’s in the video? Security tips on, How to handle a car jacking, tips on handling a kidnaping , learning how to identify threats, spot movements that indicate crime patterns. Personal security, Taxis, car jacking’s , hotel security tips, understanding passive and aggressive resistance, pickpockets, hostile areas ,safe wallet tips, protecting camera bags, and much more.

This video is discounted from 99.00 to 59.00 plus 4.95 shipping for all journalists, indie filmakers and videographers photographers.