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Master hughes

I'm Master Hughes and I operate Alphacorps.  I  provide the technical information and knowledge to  films makers  to make your film Great.  I'm a great resource if you need a production or film consultant in Texas, Dallas , Houston or Austin area. contact me by using my email above.

We can  provide

1. Business needs advice on using video and photo on your web page and designing web sites with photos.

 2. Content experts in several fields, film crews need experts to make their production look and feel real. Need info on  Security, martial arts,


Consultant and expert in training and development in Houston, I have experience in editing, development of training, and media image. Do you need help with special effects in your movies or documentaries in the Houston area.  
Are you making a film  on Buddhism or  Travel security, Terrorism, child slavery maybe the martial arts. My consultant fees are reasonable from 60.00 and hour to 90.00  an hour. Plus credit in the film as a subject matter expert. I can provided Expertise to help you in your film.